Certification of experience:

- Trained by Dushan Zaric (Employees Only - New York)

- 1st Place (Fernet Branca Competition)

- 1st Place (Pisco Porton Competition)

- 2nd Place (Hennessy VSOP Competition)

- 1st Place (Ashland Culinary Festival

Growing up in southern California, I have always enjoyed the access to amazing food and drinks. After receiving my BA from Concordia University at Irvine, I decided that the service industry was my passion and what I wanted to continue to learn and become the best I can. Over the years of fine tuning myself as a bartender, I have truly found my passion and wanted to be able to share it with everyone I can. I have made it my commitment to create cocktails for each and every individual, personally.  I receive no greater satisfaction then when I can change the emotions of someone, purely by the experience they attain with me and their cocktails. I plan on continuing to grow and connect with as many people as I can.